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Episode 11 - Answers to Your Questions

Sometimes outsourcing is a good thing. In Episode 11 of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law, the Joels try to answer your questions by speaking to consumer law experts.

Massive thank you to our experts for their time and finding answers to the burning questions. Our experts were:

No part of this episode constitutes legal advice, if these questions and answers touch on any legal concerns you might have, head over to to learn more about the options available to you.

This is the eleventh episode of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law. Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is financially supported by the Law Foundation of South Australia.

Get in touch with Grieger and Lisk at ⁠⁠, where you can also find out more about our up-and-coming multi-level marketing program.

Disclosure Note: Joel Lisk is engaged on a casual basis with Cowell Clarke within their Corporate and Commercial team.

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is intended to be for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Does this episode raise any questions for you about how you can use the ACL or what your obligations are under the ACL? We recommend seeing a lawyer, head over to ⁠ for more information.

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is recorded and produced on Kaurna Country.



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