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Episode 13 - The Diagnosis? A Case of Unfair Contract Terms! (ACCC v AMI)

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The Australian Consumer Law can be useful for a range of circumstances, even extremely personal ones. In Episode 13 of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law, Grieger walks us through the sensitive case of ACCC v AMI.

Following one of the most prominent and memorable advertising campaigns of the 2000s, characterised by the line “Want Longer Lasting Sex?”, the ACCC commenced proceedings against Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) and related entities alleging a raft of contraventions of the Australian Consumer Law including unconscionable conduct. In this episode, we explore how this case dived into the easily forgotten area of unfair contract terms.

The Federal Court’s Justice North declared a range of provisions contained in AMI’s (or related entities’) customer agreements void as they violated the Australian Consumer Law’s prohibitions on unfair contract terms. This included terms imposing arbitrary administrative and cancellation-related fees as well provisions that effectively punished patients for terminating their arrangements with AMI (or related entities) even where the medication did not work. Broadly, the contracts were found to lack transparency and clarity, ultimately leading to a situation where the contracts’ terms were unfair.

This is the thirteenth episode of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law. Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is financially supported by the Law Foundation of South Australia.

Want to learn more about this case? There is a long litigation history to this case, check out some of the details here:

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