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Episode 1 - What is the Australian Consumer Law?

In this first episode of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law, join Joel Grieger and Joel Lisk for a discussion on what the Australian Consumer Law is, how it works, who it applies to and some of the protections it includes. So… want the tl:dl (too long; didn’t listen)?

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is a series of rules and principles that apply to nearly all transactions occurring in Australia, this includes when you buy your groceries, when you engage a tradesperson, and buying a car.

Some protections in the ACL are dependent on who you are and what you are doing, so for some sections you need to be a ‘consumer’ or a person who is buying goods and/or services for domestic purposes or with a purchase price less than $100,000 – which means that nearly every purchase in a person's life will be covered by parts of the ACL.

The ACL specifically includes content related to misleading or deceptive conduct, prohibitions on unfair contract terms, rules around marketing and pricing, gift cards, unsolicited supply, consumer guarantees and the safety of goods, amongst other things.

This is the first episode of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law, the next episode will explore the recent case of ACCC v Uber – a case involving misleading or deceptive conduct, the Uber app and cancellation policies. Join us in a fortnight for episode 2, ACCC v Uber.

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is financially supported by the Law Foundation of South Australia. You can learn more about the Law Foundation of South Australia by visiting their website:

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is intended to be for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Does this episode raise any questions for you about how you can use the ACL or what your obligations are under the ACL? We recommend seeing a lawyer, head over to for more information

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