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The People Behind the Podcast

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law has been created by Joel Grieger and Joel Lisk. Both Joels have experience in working in the consumer law space as lawyers and as academic researchers. So, who are the Joels? (and if you are wondering, yes, they have both spent quite a lot of time pondering the probability that two Joels would end up working on a podcast together. While not statistical specialists, they have concluded that the probability is infinitesimally small).

You can hear the first episode of Keeping Up with the Consumer Law from Monday, 6 February 2022.

Joel Grieger

Joel Grieger is a Masters of Philosophy Candidate and Sessional Teacher at the University of Adelaide's Law School. His current research considers legal issues arising from the application of technology to healthcare, and the emerging use of consumer law in litigating medical disputes.

Joel teaches across a range of law subjects, but primarily commercial law, having previously practised as a commercial lawyer in South Australia.

Joel Lisk

Joel Lisk is an academic researcher based at Flinders University focused on exploring the creation and operation of regulatory frameworks, with a particular focus on outer space and technology.

Joel previously worked as an Associate at an Adelaide-based national law firm where he specialised in regulatory compliance in areas such as competition and consumer law, privacy and data, and not-for-profit law. Joel continues to provide legal advise as a consulting associate.

About the Podcast

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is a podcast dedicated to exploring the Australian Consumer Law in a simple and easy to understand manner. Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is financially supported by the Law Foundation of South Australia.


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