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Legal Advice

Keeping Up with the Consumer Law is a podcast that dedicated to all things 'Australian Consumer Law'. At times the discussion on the podcast might cover real world situations, hypothetical situations or circumstances that might be relevant to you. While it might be relevant, Keeping Up with the Consumer Law should not be taken as legal advice and is intended to only be educational. 

If you need legal advice, we strongly recommend that you engage with a legal practitioner to ensure you get information and advice that is tailored to your needs. 

Where can you find a lawyer?

You can find a lawyer by contacting the Law Societies in your state or territory.:

Other Options

If seeing a lawyer is difficult for you, you may be eligible to access alternative services. If you are in South Australia, the following services may be of assistance to you: 

Not in South Australia? Contact your local Law Society as they may be able to provide further information regarding your options. 

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